Stony Creek "Sun Of A Beach" Race

Welcome to “Sun Of A Beach”!

For the first 6 years of our race only half marathon friends could enjoy running up the 8 Mile Holler!!  We know they have enjoyed this part of the course so much based on all the comments and nicknames you have given it that we decided to set up a course where everyone could have the chance to YELL …  “Sun Of A Beach” without running the half marathon on Sunday!

“Sun Of A Beach” will be a new experience for most of us in Michigan.  It is a 7.3 mile race with a handicap age start system similar to that used at the Dipsea Race in California which is America’s longest running trail at 106 years old.

Headstarts and Race Awards

“Sun Of A Beach” is set up with headstarts so that all people of various ages can compete together in a more or less equitable basis.  Based on the table below you can see how you will start and who will be ahead of you and behind you.   We will present an award to the first 35 runners who cross the finish line.  While we may have to adjust these headstarts next year, it will be fun to see how many runners from each category finish in the first 35 places.

Race Day: Saturday, May 18, 2019

Start Time: 8:00 AM  -  Please keep in mind there is no race day registration. 

Location: Stony Creek Metro Park, West Branch Picnic Area C

Course:  A 7.3 mile trail run thru the best parts of the West Branch Trail System.  Many of the sections are part of the Back To The Beach course but we might have thrown in a couple “VERY SCENIC” hills we know you will enjoy.

Facilities:  There are flush toilet restrooms in our picnic area “C” as well as in the main parking lot at the trail head in West Branch Area “B”.

Awards: Top 35 overall race finishers who first cross the finish line at the end of the 7.4 mile course.


The other fun aspect of this race is that you will be running with a large portion of the volunteers who put on the Back To The Beach the next day.  On the course you will find many of the charity groups who we raise funds for at the water stations and as course marshals.  As a group, we think it will be lots of fun for the charity groups to meet and help support our Awesome Volunteers and for Runners to be able to hang out and run with the volunteers and charity representatives.



Head Start Table


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