My Story... Why I Run!

Chelsea's Story

Hi, my name is Chelsea, I am 23 years old, and I wanted to share my story.

I began running to overcome challenges many people thought couldn't be overcome. I have had heart problems since high school. On top of that, within the last 4 years I have had two lung surgeries. I have torn my Achilles tendon twice and have fractured both sides of my hip at different times. While training for my second back to the beach race, I was attacked by a pitbull and tore the labrum in my hip and my thighs were shredded and bruised but I continued training and still finished the race. I guess you could say I used to I run because I was stubborn and wanted to keep going even when everyone told me to quit.

Flash forward to the present and I am now a pediatric nurse and work in a high intensity emergency room. These kids show me that nothing should hold you back from reaching your goals and living life to the fullest. I have run this race 3 times and have enjoyed every second of it. My patients inspire me way more than I ever could've imagined. Some of my kids have been recipients of a Medals For Mettle award and they deserve it more than I can describe. My patients love hearing about training and the different aspects of running a race and say that they want to run one someday too.

Now I run to make those kids proud, and to hopefully inspire them in the same way they inspire me. The challenges I faced do not define patients have taught me that. They have taught me that your dreams are bigger than any obstacle life throws at you.

Thank you for your time. This message isn't intended to brag or boast about me or my is to give credit to the amazing children that have changed my life in ways I never imagined.



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